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>> Good point, well made. If you need to reach people, turn on the phone. If people need to reach you, they can phone your pager. The pager
>>signal will reach you in places (in the UK) a mobile phone signal will never reach you.
>Has anyone tried getting a new pager recently ?I am not convinced it is a deployable strategy :-(

The last pager network I had anything to do with withdrew its service 
almost fifteen years ago and gave all the remaining a subscribers a free 
orange PAYG phone. I was reminded of this when said phone turned up in a 
pile of old-tech stuff I reluctantly sent off to the tip a fortnight 

Getting back on topic, one of the major "issues" when RIPA was 
originally being discussed is whether the police could easily get to see 
"old[1] pager messages" using things like search warrants, because they 
arguably weren't communications any more, protected by interception law, 
but just data sat on a computer somewhere. Enquiring minds might want to 
think about "old SMS messages".

[1] ie delivered already.
Roland Perry

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