UK Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill

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Sat Jul 12 18:25:17 BST 2014

On 07/11/14 18:23, Peter Fairbrother wrote:
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>> On 07/11/14 15:31, Ian Batten wrote:
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>>>> Tony Naggs <tony.naggs at> writes
>>>>> I'm not really clear why a law change is required for communications
>>>>> data to be held for 12 months. Probably most businesses will want to
>>>>> hold this data for a year in order to address billing disputes & such
>>>> Very few ISPs produce itemised bills saying who you emailed and when,
>>>> or listing which web pages you went to in order to use up your
>>>> 1GB/month.
>>> I still don't follow (either technically or legally) on what basis
>>> ISPs will be able to retain logs of which websites you visited.
>> Up until now, I think the 2003 Code of Practice on ATCSA Retention - it
>> is still in force
>> DRIP 1(2)c now provides compulsion, of what was previously "voluntary"
> No. DRIP ss.1(2)c only applies to "relevant" comms data, defined in 
> ss.2(1):

Yes, I agree. I was suspicious the wording in DRIP wasn't nailed down, 
but having read the draft Regulation I don't think that is a viable loophole


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