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>> "Emergency phone and internet data laws to be passed"
>Oh gawd, that is pretty mangled. E.g. Nick Robinson video 1/3 down the
>page, "there was no British law on this, in other words the security
>service and the police, the national crime agency were able to find out who
>you spoke to on your phone and when, who you emailed and when as a result
>of a European Directive".
>It's like a scene from the Wizard of Oz: oh look at those wicked Europeans
>and their intrusive rules, don't look at the RIPA behind the curtain ...

It's not quite as bad as that. RIPA is about disclosure[1]. If the data 
hasn't been retained there's nothing to disclose. That's why the Data 
Retention stuff was introduced.

[1] And potentially retention on a case by case basis, not blanket.
Roland Perry

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