Health Service Record Confidentiality

Ian Batten igb at
Fri Feb 7 16:44:00 GMT 2014

It seems to be coming from all angles, doesn't it?

I've just been putting together the letter opting me and my children out of, working 
somewhat in the dark as I haven't received the much-bruited NHS publicity.  Doing the
information exercise from surgeries has the problem that a lot of people don't visit the doctor
from one year's end to the next, and I don't know anyone who's actually received the

But today I saw on the back of a bus an advert for this:

which, again, I'm supposed to have been written to about and, again, I haven't been.
It's not clear if this will be covered by the 93C3 I already have on my notes.  Hey ho, 
_another_ letter to my GP.  It's an absolutely shocking website, containing no information
about who the actual responsible body is other than a link to ""
which could be a scam for all I know: it claims to be part of the NHS (and has an NHS
email address listed) but there's no evidence on its website that
it's anything other than a bunch of blokes in a shed.  Their only information governance 
is about dealing with social media.

While then looking for the NHS Records "Guarantee", I found most copies of it lurking
on the National Records archive, because the Information Governance Board of the 
NHS has been closed down, as has Connecting for Health, and therefore most of the
hits on the first page of Google's results point to dubious archive sites rather than anything
actively maintained.  What's the current status of the care records "guarantee"?  What's
the latest version?  Who knows?


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