Data held by ISPs

William Heath wmheath at
Thu Dec 18 06:49:35 GMT 2014

That would be a DPA subject access request as others more expert than me
would quickly confirm. It would be interesting to hear what sort of results
you get. William
On 18 Dec 2014 06:37, "Peter Fairbrother" <zenadsl6186 at> wrote:

> Being curious about exactly what data my ISP hold about me - things like
> sessions, how are they worked out? what is a session? how long are they
> stored? - I was thinking about asking mine for a copy of this, via a
> freedom of information act request.
> My question is, would they redact that data, and if so how much? Eg if
> data was stored under ACTA, would they include it?
> Any hints would be useful,
> -- Peter Fairbrother
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