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Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Tue Dec 2 14:43:58 GMT 2014

Peter Sommer said:
>> Am I right in thinking that these are either account based, or that
>> the cards/phone take care of ensuring that double-payment does not
>> take place?
> Yes.   As far as I know  NFC transactions go through a regular credit
> card account, at least mine do.
> There is another thing you might like to look at.  The Seoul transport
> system uses a Oyster-like card which can also be used for other
> low-value transactions like coffee and snacks.   But as far as I know
> the value is loaded from a bank account.

I don't know about Seoul, but Hong Kong has a travel card called Octopus
that is accepted in lots and lots of places for payment (I've even seen
little sweet dispensers in supermarkets that *only* take Octopus). It's
not tied to a bank account - you can charge it with cash at metro
stations, just as with Oyster.

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