Re: NHS data-sharing scheme ‘mishandled’

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Fri Apr 18 20:20:58 BST 2014

On 18 Apr 02014, at 20:12, Peter Tomlinson <pwt at> wrote:

> On BBC TV Teletext today:
> NHS data-sharing scheme ‘mishandled’
> The chair of the panel set up to advise the NHS and ministers on the governance of patient information has told the BBC the programme was mishandled.
> Under the scheme, GP records in England will be put on a database and combined with other data to improve care.
> Dame Fiona Caldicott, chairwoman of the Independent Information Governance Oversight Panel (IIGOP), told the BBC that “there was too much hurry”.
> She said the public information campaigns were not clear enough.

More detail here:



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