Four of Sweden's telcos stop storing customer data after EU retention directive overthrown

Roland Perry lists at
Fri Apr 11 22:19:12 BST 2014

In article <5347FE17.3010606 at>, Peter Fairbrother 
<zenadsl6186 at> writes
>"A PTS spokesperson said it had assessed the EU ruling and decided that 
>despite there being no change in Sweden's legislation, it would have 
>difficulties enforcing it."

The Swedes have always been against the Data Retention Directive, 
arguing for example that services like gmail and hotmail aren't "email", 
and that only SMTP/POP3 transactions would need to be logged.

Some of the people in favour of the collapse of the Directive see it as 
an opportunity to argue for a better-drafted replacement, which they 
hope would remove 'loopholes' like that.
Roland Perry

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