Tom Watson letter to David Cameron

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Fri Apr 11 07:55:08 BST 2014

In article <5346F045.5000805 at>, Peter Tomlinson 
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>The speed with which you responded to publication of Sir Antony May the 
>Interception Commissioner’s report yesterday was impressive.
>I did not notice a response to the European Court of Justice’s 
>important – and relevant – decision [1] on the ‘wide-ranging and 
>particularly serious’ interference of the Data Retention Directive 
>with two fundamental rights of our citizens, the right to privacy and 
>protection of personal data. Perhaps I missed it.

If we are talking about data which has been obtained by what the USAians 
call a "wiretap" (eg a warrant under RIPA pt1 ch1), then that has 
nothing to do with Data Retention.
Roland Perry

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