Data retention directive "invalid"

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Fri Apr 11 07:52:20 BST 2014

In article <534705C6.6040306 at>, Peter Fairbrother 
<zenadsl6186 at> writes
>If an ISP has agreements with the Home Office regarding distributing 
>data to Police forces etc, I don't think these can be enforced.

Data disclosure is disjoint from retention, and is covered by RIPA. It's 
not an agreement, but an obligation (on receipt of the necessary 

>Certainly they cannot be enforced if the CoP is invalid, and probably 
>not otherwise if it is only partly disproportionate, which it almost 
>certainly is.

I don't think disclosure is conditional on how you happened to have the 
data. If the data exists, it can be required to be disclosed.
Roland Perry

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