Bad security engineering kills project

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Thu Sep 5 17:17:54 BST 2013

On 5 September 2013 14:03, William Heath <wmheath at> wrote:

> The suppliers on cross-government ID assurance were announced Monday
> As I understand it DWP decided some months ago to focus on UC just for new
> claimants first. New claimants have a f2f interview at Job Centres anyway,
> so online ID Assurance took something of a back seat among many pressing
> priorities for them, but remained urgent across HMG. That's why GDS is now
> the lead on it (ie GDS took over the contracts and the process from DWP).
> In terms of function it might be relevant to look at the  draft privacy
> principles for ID assurance. These are still open to consultation; the
> deadline is a couple of weeks away -

 Sections 3.17 through 3.20 of the NAO report talk about this.

John Wilson
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