BBC News - 'Fresh proposals' planned over cyber-monitoring

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>> I think in 2013 I can expect the notorious Roland Perry to be able to
>> look something up on the web.
>Only where it advances his argument ;-)

It certainly does no harm to quote extracts of a document one is referencing,
if the extract supports one's case. It also helps guard against link-rot and
paywalls, let alone (going back to my reply to Francis) avoiding making the
assumption that everyone has always-on connectivity.

Like this, for example:

In the thread "Buckinghamshire CC ANPR cameras" someone asks:

>I'd like to see some evidence that the registration plates on cars
>driving past my house are personal data.  Whose?  And why?

        "a person may be identified directly by name or indirectly by a
        telephone number, a car registration number, a social security
        number, a passport number or by a combination of significant
        criteria which allows him to be recognized by narrowing down the
        group to which he belongs (age, occupation, place of residence,
Roland Perry

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