BBC Moneybox - contactless hiccups

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Wed May 22 09:28:42 BST 2013

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>> (1) I agree that charging the customer twice **for the same
>> transaction** is an application flaw in the POS device - and it smacks
>> of a major error in POS device certification (may also be a breach of
>> the Merchant Agreement if it really happened - but that it did happen
>> might be an urban myth).
>I've personally seen a POS machine print me a "declined" receipt
>for a transaction that was actually approved.

And last week I had a Debit Card transaction "declined", when what they 
meant was "we can't seem to contact your bank at the moment, so hard 

But I suppose they'd say it was the POS machine declining to take the 
card, not the bank declining to authorise the funds. They really should 
have two different expressions for that.
Roland Perry

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