BBC Moneybox - contactless hiccups

David Biggins David_Biggins at
Sun May 19 20:49:29 BST 2013

I've seen reports that Marks & Spencer have seen cases of payment being
simultaneously taken from a normal C&P card and a nearby swipe.

To the extent that they have raised refunds for the duplicate

Pret a Manger have apparently seen similar issues.

Dave.   (Long time no see).

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>         "Some Marks and Spencer customers have told the BBC of cases
>         where the chain's contactless payment terminals have taken
>         from cards other than the ones intended for payment.
>         "Card are supposed to be within about 4cm of the front of the
>         contactless terminal to work.
>         "But some customers say payments have been taken from cards
>         while in purses and wallets at much greater distances.
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> Roland Perry

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