BBC News - 'Fresh proposals' planned over cyber-monitoring

Tom Thomson colinthomson1 at
Mon May 13 19:24:08 BST 2013

While anyone whose income depends on all their customers being able to get
to them, and has the man in the street as his customer, has a massive
incentive not to upgrade until all the ISPs have upgraded because the man in
the street uses whatever his ISP sticks him with.


Roland Perry wrote:-

 In article
<CAG5KPzxMZADeqO+av0HyoQn5+vYa9-Y3rtuaDAYrJ3k5r9Dx2A at>,
Ben Laurie <ben at> writes

>> All that was necessary was making the bottom 0.1% (or whatever) of 
>> IPv6 map onto the old IPv4 space.
>Oh yeah? So how would an IPv4 machine address the remaining space?

They wouldn't, but all IPv6 subscribers would intrinsically be able to see
all the existing IPv4 space.

If people wanted to see IPv6 space as well, they'd have the incentive to
Roland Perry

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