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Nicholas Cole nicholas.cole at gmail.com
Tue May 7 10:43:42 BST 2013

Dear List,

Is there an FAQ anywhere on the state of UK law as it relates to the
development of cryptography and software that uses cryptography?

I've read the Crypto Law Survey:


and the rules surrounding domestic use are very clear.

What is much less clear is the question of "export".  Does, for example,
hosting a piece of software like PuTTY or ssh or gnupg on a UK-based
website count as "export"? What about providing support for such software?
 Unlike the Americans, who seem to have specific regulations for Open
Source Software, I can't see anything comparable in UK law.  There was a
flurry of activity around this in the late 1990s, and things seem to have
cooled down since, but clarity still seems to be lacking!

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