BBC News - Anti-cyber threat centre launched

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Thu Mar 28 07:43:42 GMT 2013

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Batten <igb at> writes
>> A hacking scenario could be that competitors got sight of the internal
>>bid papers and crucially managed to use that to their advantage in
>>the late stages of the bid.
>Obviously.  But proving that was the only, or even an influential,
>factor that caused you to lose the business would be very difficult.
>They might not have liked the cut of your jib.

Large corporate bids are handled by people who can read the signals, and 
who often get feedback from the client afterwards. Pipped at the post by 
someone who managed to under-bid you at the last minute, while also 
suddenly changing their product offer to match yours, would stick out 
like a sore thumb.
Roland Perry

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