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Tue Mar 5 19:04:45 GMT 2013

In article <2726F1030A5640F6B6BE98F3A5B1A3B2 at your41b8d18ede>, Tom 
Thomson <colinthomson1 at> writes
>I would be inclined to be a nuisance and insist on a change of wording:
>for example to somehing like "carried out under my personal password
>and code while that password and code are being used by me or with my

But that doesn't cover situations like the OP leaving his password on a 

So you'd need to add "... or due to my negligence".

Which excludes those situations where the password is used as a result 
of someone else's consent or negligence.

[I think both are possibilities, if the sysadmins for example release 
the password as a result of a court order, or if the sysadmin leaves the 
password on a post-it-not, and something bad happens later].
Roland Perry

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