PRISM && Excited Guardianista

James Firth james2 at
Wed Jun 12 17:20:45 BST 2013

Peter Fairbrother wrote:
> A D-Wave machine wouldn't help though, it's the wrong kind of Quantum
> Computer (if it is a QC - it seems to be, but I'm not entirely sure) and
> doesn't seem to give much if any speedup over classical computers anyway.

I was using a commercial example that we know about as an indicator as to
what we might not know about.

But, from a very naive perspective at least, surely what some seem to now
refer to as an "adiabatic QC", as distinct from a quantum implementation of
gated logic, is actually a better starting point for cryptanalysis, assuming
it is possible to map the mathematical boundary conditions of an algorithm
into something the D-wave can "anneal".

Nature ran a reasonable blog on speed comparisons and limitations of D-Wave:

James Firth

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