Doormat argument about Voicemail dismissed by Court of Appeal

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Mon Jul 1 23:09:44 BST 2013

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   Ian Batten writes:

> What proportion of email users are still using POP3 and downloading a 
> local copy?  Single figure percent, I would suspect, compared to the 
> vast majority who are using webmail of some sort, and the geekerati who 
> might be using IMAP4.  It implies a model of usage --- a single device 
> with substantial local storage, talking to a remote server with limited 
> storage --- which simply doesn't apply today.

It might not apply technologically, but it certainly works

I download all my email by POP3 and it sits on my Pc until I've
finished with it. I find webmail a pain; I have to put up with
whatever interface the company provide and options for copying,
saving, filing, etc. are limited. And it relies on being

IMAP is a but better, but still relies on a connection to the
other end which might have failed. A few months ago, my phone line
failed because the cable broke. I could still read the emails I
had downloaded and write replies to them!

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