Doormat argument about Voicemail dismissed by Court of Appeal

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Mon Jul 1 10:51:32 BST 2013

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>BTW, some IPSs delete email when downloaded,

What, even if you tick "keep email on server" in your email client?

(aiui the syntax of a POP3 session is first of all to download what you 
want, and then delete what you don't want to keep on the server, so 
"keeping it on the server" is actually the simpler option.)

>some keep it available for a set period unless manually deleted - the 
>Court didn't seem to know that.

Some ISPs apparently delete the "kept" email after a set period 
(typically a month). This would be very high up on my list of reasons to 
avoid that ISP.

It's none of their business over-riding my decision to keep a copy. 
Unless it exceeds some sort of storage quota, but that should be 
measured in gigabytes these days.

Roland Perry

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