Certificate Transparency Hack Day

Peter Tomlinson pwt at iosis.co.uk
Thu Aug 15 22:57:15 BST 2013

Sometimes not that bad in London. For example, Travelodge offers at 
least 3 hotels at £60 or just under for the 27th if you book today. But 
for 10th Sept I wasn't offered anything under £160 when I booked a room 
about 2 weeks ago, so I'm staying some distance out of town (does indeed 
waste time the previous day, but I'm meeting up with a mate and also 
getting cheap travel tickets). And where do I live? Bristol.


On 15/08/2013 17:54, Roland Perry wrote:
> Or does Google expect you to pay in the region of £100 to stay in 
> London overnight. 

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