return of key-escrow: UK PKI Strategy cites bogus RIPA rationale

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Tue Aug 13 12:58:34 BST 2013

Hadn't noticed any commentary on this... ?

(Feb 28 2013) PKI Strategy 
and Implementation Strategy 
(occurs in both)

  * "For example key escrow *may be required* for private encryption
    keys in some services (*to comply with* Regulation of Investigatory
    Powers Act Section 3)"

but FIPR 9/5/2000 <>

  * Surprisingly Mr.Clarke amended S.69
    [Hansard link - at bottom] to exempt company directors from
    liability under Part.III - that is, they are no longer personally
    liable for failure of their company to comply with a decryption
    notice. This was the chief cause of FIPR's diagnosis of government
    strategy as being that of "key escrow by intimidation" - however it
    still leaves individuals and company employees in the firing line.


Caspar Bowden

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