Igor Mozolevsky mozolevsky at
Fri Mar 30 17:50:43 BST 2012

On 30 March 2012 16:00, Peter Fairbrother <zenadsl6186 at> wrote:

> If so, why are golden showers asking £700?

Because that's how much it would (generally) cost you to defend the
claim if you instructed a solicitor. Obviously if you lose, you'd have
to pay the damages plus court costs on top of that, and if you win,
you don't get back the money you paid to the solicitor to defend the
claim as the claim would most likely be allocated to the small claims
track. So you end up having to gamble: pay them or take your chances
in front of a judge (and pay essentially the same amount)...

At least that's my speculation.


Igor M. :-)

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