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Fri Mar 30 07:55:05 BST 2012

 From Out-Law this morning an article about the flaws in using IP 
addresses to identify miscreants, in the legal cae reported it was about 
copyright infringers.

"A High Court judge has laid out flaws in using internet protocol (IP) 
addresses to identify alleged copyright infringers which should have 
"ramifications" for how imminent new anti-piracy rules operate, a 
campaign group has said."


On 29/03/2012 19:45, Stephen Early wrote:
> In article<op.wbvntr2oc3r7hz at thedell>  you write:
>> My posts to UKCrypto are occasionally being bounced.  The apparently
>> offending IP address is but that's not showing up on, for eg,
>> so
>> I guess it's on a personal blocklist?
> That particular mail server was on chiark's blacklist because it sent
> mail to a bait address, most recently on 20th March.  I have removed
> it.
> Stephen Early
> UKcrypto mailing list administrator

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