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>> The remainder are a bit like people driving round in
>> cars with heavily tinted windows - makes you wonder what they are
>> trying to hide.
>I now have a car fitted with these as standard by the manufacturer, one
>reason for their increasing popularity is that they reduce the heat
>load into the car in bright sunshine and make the rear set passengers a
>lot more comfortable. It's rarely anything to do with hiding anything,
>except for hiding goods in the back of an estate car from prying eyes.

I hide the things in the back of my estate car with a tonneau cover.

The suspicion (which would need to be confirmed by investigation) is 
that the invisible driver of a car with heavily tinted windows is doing 
things like illegally using their mobile phone.

And in the rare circumstances you were looking for a particular 
perpetrator, you'd need to get them to stop; whereas lone grannies with 
clear windows would obviously not be the car full of teenage thieves you 
were looking for.
Roland Perry

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