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Mon Jun 18 08:56:25 BST 2012

2012/6/18 Tom Thomson <colinthomson1 at>:
> And it remains to be seen whether what this bill claims is comms data is indeed comms data according to the relevant EU directives - I suspect that will need testing in court, and will fail if the UK definitions allow the authorities to discover recipients of every communication (because that would amount to knowing who has accessed a particular resource, not just who has accessed a particular website, and surely the uri beyond the first "/"  is not comms data).

Just a point of information - the bill does not rely on, and need to
accord with, EU definitions of "communications data". For example, the
data retention directive remains in force.

I've written some notes on the bill here:

which I hope clarify what it does and does not do.

Francis Davey

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