ACM Turing 100 year anniversary - panel on Information, Data Security, in a Networked Future

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Sun Jun 17 19:11:23 BST 2012


The US ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) held a big A.M. Turing
100th birthday event this weekend, the webcast on Security is now available
and may be interesting to some UKcrypto readers.
The panel are making interesting comments on the simplicitly versus
complexity of computing devices, the hundreds of certificate authorities
trusted by default by most PCs, ...

(The Security panel is currently the last webcast in the menu I see.)

Panel details: Information, Data, Security in a Networked Future
    Chair: Vint Cerf
    Panel: John Hopcroft, Bob Kahn, Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir
        The digital information revolution begins as giants such as Alan
Turing, Claude Shannon and John von Neumann,
        among many others, recognize the power of digital representations
and programmable computers. Although rooted
        in the technology of his time, Vannevar Bush's portrait of the
information revolution has emerged and flourished
        especially in the form of the World Wide Web resting atop the
global Internet.

        The panelists will explore some specifics of the digital
information revolution, notably theory and practice in
        securing, authenticating and maintaining the integrity of
information (Cerf); and roots of modern cryptography
        and current topics in this area (rivest and Shamir). They will also
gain insight into the long-term problem of
        identifying, fi nding, and assuring the integrity of digital
objects in the most general sense of that term (Kahn).
        Finally, they look at how our understanding of computer science is
changing (Hopcroft) and how that evolution
        will affect the digital world in which are we spending an
increasing fraction of our daily lives.
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