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Chris Salter ukcrypto at
Sun Jun 17 17:49:08 BST 2012

On 17/06/2012 07:48, Alec Muffett wrote:
> MITM can sometimes be found out nowadays because a small number of
> people are running technologies like Convergence
> (See:  - I consider this a
> must-see video for the perspective it imparts) which eschews the
> trust model of Certificate Authorities in favour of a real-time check
> that the certificate you see for GMail in the UK is the same as is
> presented in the USA, Canada, Finland, Russia, Brazil…  i.e.: that
> nobody is lying to you without lying to them as well.

Many many thanks for that; video definitely a 'must-see'! Well worth 48 
minutes of anyone's time.

Regards to All,


Chris Salter

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