https - hopefully not too stupid a question

Tom Thomson colinthomson1 at
Sun Jun 17 14:58:10 BST 2012

> I personally think it unlikely the UK govt would be stupid enough to try
> this.  If they want data on encrypted communications, I think it's more
> likely they'd use legislation to get Facebook / Twitter to store and hand
> over the data of UK users.  Assuming these companies wish to have an
> office in the UK, they would presumably have no choice but to comply.
> However, as I understand it, this Bill allows for both possibilities.

Getting third parties to store this data and make hand it over might be rather difficult.  Depending on the country in which the server where the data is captured is situated, it may illegal to do this in that country without a judicial warrant issued by a court in that country, either because such data is considered as content, not comms data, or because software which reliably separates this "comms data" from the content in which it is buried is not available. 


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