latest plans to monitor internet use in the UK

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>Draft legislation here:

Looks like "RIPA Part 2 Chapter 2" v2.0 for disclosure, but doesn't go 
beyond the Data Retention Directive's existing scope for gathering the 
data. The TAB's role is extended to include comms data gathering as well 
as interception.

All the same arguments as for RIPA comms data apply (dust off those 
12-year-old briefing papers now!) I enjoyed taking the lead for UK 
industry back then, this time I suppose I'll be watching from the 

ps. The "filtering" stuff seems to be a very complex way of delivering 
the underlying concept[1] behind "everything up to the first single 
slash in a url" which begat the tailpiece in RIPA 21(6).

[1] Where to put the line in the sand between content and comms data, 
given that there's no obvious concrete in which to install an armco 
Roland Perry

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