sorry, but ...

Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Sun Jul 29 16:49:11 BST 2012

On 29/07/2012 14:32, Peter Fairbrother wrote:
> The RIPA word is "communication" not message (my fault), and I do not 
> think the communication (as opposed to the packets or bits) is 
> received until it has all reached some destination.
> Otherwise we could talk about each and every switch in the network, 
> which is probably not what was meant. If it was you could intercept at 
> telephone exchanges without a warrant ..
> However I can't find a definition for "communication" in RIPA or 
> elsewhere.
If a communication passes through your hands on its way to someone else, 
the gentlemanly thing to do (with apologies to the ladies) is to look 
only at the routing information and send it on its way, and to do that 
even if the envelope is unsealed.


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