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Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Thu Jul 26 20:51:47 BST 2012

On 26/07/2012 20:38, Roland Perry wrote:
> In article <50117AFA.2010107 at>, Peter Tomlinson 
> <pwt at> writes
>>>> So its a connected world where the connections are mostly not 
>>>> visible  to the sender, and one hopes that our legislators wake up to
>>>> Physical world analogue: if I send a letter by Royal Mail, I don't 
>>>> routinely know if the intended recipient gets it, and I assume that 
>>>> the Law Enforcement officers can look at it if they have just cause.
>>> What's important is whether they are looking at just the outside, or 
>>> what's inside the envelope (the latter being a whole lot more 
>>> difficult to do legally for both mail and email).
>> But 'the latter' is extremely easy to do for email (unless the sender 
>> encrypts it with his own key),
> The difficulty I refer to is obtaining a relevant warrant.
Sorry (sic), I was going in a different direction, obviously: trying to 
find a way for traffic data to be seen without inadvertently seeing the 
content of the message, as I though that that was part of the problem.


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