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> >>Being able to get at the traffic data
> >> aspects of a webmail service or other web-based communications
> system
> >> without requiring a home secretary warrant seems the main purpose of
> >> the legislation.
> >
> >I'm exploring the analogy that the new law would allow someone to sit
> in a pub, listen to all conversations, but only remember phrases
> similar
> >to "I phoned Fred yesterday", "when did you phone Fred?"/"yesterday",
> etc. Does that work?
> There could be some location (address) information too. Like
> overhearing:
> Caller: Hello.
> Recipient: Where are you.
> Caller: I'm on the train.
> Which might be two bits of content and one bit of traffic data.


> Of course, if the caller is actually in the pub, he might still
> diplomatically have said "on the train"!

IIRC the law says "identifies, or purports to identify, the location" ;-)


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