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AFAIK, that is correct, or at least that goes for most government agencies, 
which are delegated to carry out the responsibilities of the Secretaries of 
State, and cannot do anything not authorised by HM Secretary of State in 
pursuance of his statutory responsibilities.

There are exceptions: Certain things were historically not done authorised 
by statute for example the issuance of passports, and pardons. But passports 
are optional - no-one was traditionally entitled to a passport (though that 
may have changed with the IPS legislation) or obliged to apply for one, and 
one is not required to leave or re-enter the country. You may need it to 
enter your destination country however, and the airlines tend to ask for one 
for that reason.

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On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 03:01:07PM +0000, k.brown at bbk.ac.uk wrote:
> Its hard to imagine the government passing a law that stops its own
> agencies doing things that private citizens are permitted to do.

I thought the general rule was that the state is only permitted to
do such things as are authorised by statute,  vs the people being
allowed to do anything not barred by statute (or law)?

i.e. without a statue allowing it,  they shouldn't do it.

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