Buckinghamshire CC ANPR cameras

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Tue Jan 10 12:01:21 GMT 2012

In article <002f01cccf8d$a58f6bc0$f0ae4340$@net>, James Firth 
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>> That's essentially the same as the 24-bit hash used by the Highways 
>>Agency, which while not unique to every vehicle is plenty good enough 
>> evidence in a murder investigation.
>Rather than give the entire feed to the police, surely it is possible to
>obtain a compromise whereby certain hashes can be added to a "watch list".
>Upon matching, the entire car index plate, location etc is revealed to the
>Oversight will then consist of accurate reports by the council/HA etc of the
>number of plates concurrently on the watch list each reporting period.
>This at least prevents some enterprising police forces storing the raw feed

I'd have thought historic data was of more use, and it depends on the 
query how intrusive it is. If hypothetically the police asked for "every 
Range Rover[1] in West London on 26th April 1999", that would be 
reasonably proportionate and not involve releasing the entire database.

[1] HA would have to ask DVLA for some correlating information.
Roland Perry

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