Buckinghamshire CC ANPR cameras

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John Wilson <tugwilson at gmail.com> writes
>Once the hashing algorithm is known many things can happen from a
>jealous spouse tracking a partner through celebrity staking to helping
>the planning of the assassination of a major public figure.

There are probably simpler ways of knowing where someone will be. I only 
know of two green camera locations in the Nottingham metro area for 
example (and they are normally the sort of thing I notice).

>The problem, as I see it, is that the people collecting and storing
>this information don't believe it's sensitive. If they think it's not
>sensitive they won't go to the trouble and expense of protecting it
>properly e.g. they will send raw data - probably on a CD in the post -
>to random academics and employees of engineering companies. Eventually
>somebody will buy a hard disk off eBay and find a years worth of
>traffic data

And which year would that be? 2005 perhaps.

>fron central London.

I've never actually seen one of the green cameras in London - maybe the 
Highways Agency thinks it's unproductive to try and improve flows there. 
Does anyone here have a map of where the cameras are?
Roland Perry

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