Buckinghamshire CC ANPR cameras

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> >It depends. If they are strictly monitoring traffic flows and journey 
> >times then all they have to do is assign a unique journey number to a 
> >set of records for a vehicle and drop/delete the registration number 
> >when the journey seems complete. Each time the vehicle starts a journey 
> >it gets assigned a new unique journey number so that there's no link 
> >with previous journeys for the same vehicle and no record of the 
> >registration number at all once a journey has completed.  
> aiui the Trafficmaster system (blue cameras) works a lot like this.

Trafficmaster claims that they tokenize the central part of the
registration plate only, but I don't know for certain about this. Some
time ago I recall a murder trial involving a murder in Scotland where
the suspect(s) travelled up the motorways from England to Scotland and
that the police were able to obtain evidence of their vehicle movements
from Trafficmaster. I don't have any links to this, but I certainly
remember hearing about it although it was a long time ago, possibly a


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