Break-Open One-Shot Password Stores

Michael Simpson mikie.simpson at
Wed Feb 29 10:59:41 GMT 2012

On Monday, February 27, 2012, Ian Batten wrote:

> Fictional films of nuclear missile launch processes show passwords and
> other key material stored in plastic enclosures which are broken in order
> to obtain the secret.  The idea presumably is that you can check that the
> key material has not been accessed without exposing it.  Whether it's true
> or not, it's a neat way to deal with "break glass" processes for storing
> the root password to servers, the back-stop copy of your lastpass password
> for your executor or enduring power of attorney, etc.
If you don't need to seal too many items and it is for your personal use
then how about using Victorian sealing wax. You could design your own seal
and there are mailable waxes now. You can also use methods to adhere the
seal to plastic or metal for more tamper proof envelopes.

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