Unsecured wifi might be contributory negligence

Mary Hawking maryhawking at tigers.demon.co.uk
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So the OAP will be held liable whether or not he/she has secured the WiFi?
Was the original US case about the illegal download or the negligence of the

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>> But wifi routers seem to be in the same mental camp as motor cars, and if
you can't prove someone else was driving at the time, they'll try
>>to nail the keeper.
>But that's going to need to be put onto a legal footing.  Cars do have
registered keepers, which may be distinct from owners, and that those
>registered keepers have responsibilities (for example, companies need to
keep records of who is driving pool cars) stems from the requirement
>that cars be insured.  None of that's true for broadband connections, and
even if you can construct some sort of "head of the household"
>concept for some domestic settings, it doesn't work for others, still less
for businesses.

There's no need for a new concept: "Subscriber" has been OK for a decade 
at least, for sundry activities associated with telecoms facilities.
Roland Perry

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