Buckinghamshire CC ANPR cameras

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Tue Feb 7 16:21:43 GMT 2012

In article <20120207150602.GC69364 at davros.org>, Clive D.W. Feather 
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>> But this begs the question of how the "centre section" is
>> defined, because if it's not very precise (either in inches or in number
>> of characters) then it wouldn't even work for the traffic measurement.
>Firstly, the plate is a nice yellow rectangle, which should make it easy to
>spot on all except white and yellow cars.

On my car it's white at the front (where ANPR cameras look). The yellow 
one is on the back.

>If you define "centre" as being the central 50% of the width then, *for a
>given car* you'll always get the same subset of the registration. It might
>be a different subset for different cars, but that's irrelevant.

That makes a lot of sense, so you are voting for the centre being 

On my car that's probably going to be all five characters (so not 
anonymised at all), but I can't complain as I've got a personal plate 
precisely so I'm more recognisable!

[Actually, I got the plate because I was fed up having to remember a 
short-lived random sequence to recite every time I bought petrol with a 
credit card in the 80's, but one does become attached to them].
Roland Perry

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