Buckinghamshire CC ANPR cameras

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> >Since reg plates are not in one fixed position on vehicles it would need
> >a pretty complex algorithm to find the plate
> You have to do that to perform ANPR at all.
> >and then look only at one part of it,
> Wouldn't you "look at" all of it, then discard all but the middle?

Well this is where the controversy over police requests to TM for their
data came from, TM's description (that I can't now find) said that they
simply tokenised the centre of the plate and then discarded the tokens
after using them for flow analysis. I suppose that most people took
that to mean that they didn't keep the raw plate images, but it would
appear that actually they did.

There was a question about why they might have kept the raw data when
the way their system works should not require it to be kept at all.


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