Buckinghamshire CC ANPR cameras

Peter Tomlinson pwt at iosis.co.uk
Mon Feb 6 20:15:54 GMT 2012

Surely the test is: is the method appropriate for the task? And the task 
appears to be traffic management. The monitoring software should be able 
to filter out many of the collisions.

What interests me is why there isn't a common method. So what do the 
TrafficMaster people, who help us by warning of congestion ahead on 
motorways, do? And is their method good enough for monitoring urban 


On 06/01/2012 16:48, John Wilson wrote:
> Bucks County Council have installed about a dozen ANPR cameras on
> roads leading in to Aylesbury and in Aylesbury town centre as part of
> a central Government funded "Urban Traffic Management" scheme. The
> idea is that this data is to be used to collect journey times to allow
> them to give warnings of congestion to motorists (quite what the
> motorists are supposed to do with the information is not explained).
> They also run CCTV cameras as part of this scheme.

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