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>Actually, I'm not sure how
>contactless cards without some remembered stuff on them can
>easily work in the same wipe in/wipe out system as Oyster unless
>you are billed the maximum ticket cost for every journey when you
>swipe it in.

London buses are flat fare [1] so no swiping out required.

>Perhaps just as a ticket purchasing medium at offices?

No, it will eventually be accepted at all 'Oyster' gates.

Oyster works by deducting a fairly high "entrance fee", and then giving 
you a refund if/when you swipe out to prove you've done a short enough 
journey. The contactless card could use the same mechanism, or 
alternatively they might be planning on using a series of £0 
transactions to track your progress through the network, then work out 
retrospectively what the final charge should be - then present that as 
one entry on your bill.

[1] £2.40 for cash, £1.40 Oyster or contactless card. Oyster has a daily
     cap of £4.40, but contactless card doesn't (yet).
Roland Perry

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