Transaction history of Paywave cards

Peter Tomlinson pwt at
Sat Dec 15 07:10:28 GMT 2012

On 14/12/2012 19:58, Roger Hird wrote:
> It's probably clear to everyone - though possibly not to people who 
> don't use or know them - but you don't get tickets or receipts when 
> using Oyster Cards. Actually, I'm not sure how contactless cards 
> without some remembered stuff on them can easily work in the same wipe 
> in/wipe out system as Oyster unless you are billed the maximum ticket 
> cost for every journey when you swipe it in. Perhaps just as a ticket 
> purchasing medium at offices? Oh well, someone will know. 
You dn't get billed anything when you touch in on a TfL bus with a 
standard [1] contactless payment card. If your card is accepted, the 
card's bank information is logged and later reported to the back office 
[2]. You are charged overnight with the amount that the back office 
calculates that you owe for the day. This is ticketless travel.


[1] Only normal debit/credit cards accepted, I think, i.e. not pre-paid 

[2] There is an authorisation process (in the report of the Mastercard 
New York trial on the metro I read that, when extending to buses, they 
were intending to use GPRS to talk to the local back office, with a 
small hot list in the vehicle's system as backup if the link was not 
available). TfL takes some of the risk - remember that the intention in 
London is to get people to travel, which is why the bus driver does not 
challenge people whose card is rejected or who simply don't touch in 
when they get on the bus.

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