Transaction history of Paywave cards

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Fri Dec 14 19:16:44 GMT 2012

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>> Paywave cards are now accepted on London buses (in a very basic
>> configuration, no daily capping, no use on the tube), as an alternative
>> to Oyster.
>> If a ticket inspector wants to check your Oyster card on the bus to see
>> if you have paid, then it contains a recent journey history (10
>> transactions I think).
>> Do Paywave cards have any history stored on them - even as minimal as
>> the time/date/amount of the most recent usage?
>I would doubt that even if it did the ticket inspector could read it.
>Do you not get a paper ticket if you use contactless payment?

Perhaps you get a thermal-printed receipt, but that would slow the 
process down somewhat. There must be a definitive answer to your 
question though.

(Have you seen the advert with the chap in New York in a roller-coaster 
swiping his card - that didn't seem to feature receipts).
Roland Perry

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