Transaction history of Paywave cards

Tony Naggs tony.naggs at
Fri Dec 14 11:19:35 GMT 2012

Hi Roland, all

I'm sure the contactless credit cards have  transaction history, for fraud
investigation & enforcing limits on the number of transaction without
entering a PIN.
I have not read the EMV standard for contactless cards, but that would
contain details.

The credit cards are 'smartcards' with a simple microcontroller, memory &
crypto support, so they could have sophisticated access control rules to
the different data the contain.

Newer Oyster cards, since early 2011, are similar Mifare DESFire EV1,
rather than the previous encrypted memory Mifare ['Classic'] 1k cards.

Maybe I'll my contactless card on a bus the next time I'm in London, and
see how easy it is to read the details back from the card.


On 14 December 2012 09:06, Roland Perry <lists at>wrote:

> Paywave cards are now accepted on London buses (in a very basic
> configuration, no daily capping, no use on the tube), as an alternative to
> Oyster.
> If a ticket inspector wants to check your Oyster card on the bus to see if
> you have paid, then it contains a recent journey history (10 transactions I
> think).
> Do Paywave cards have any history stored on them - even as minimal as the
> time/date/amount of the most recent usage?
> --
> Roland Perry
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