What is a "communication"

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Tue Aug 14 10:22:16 BST 2012

In article <20120814085836.GC86516 at banjo.employees.org>, Derek Fawcus 
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>> but maybe ftp prolly cannot be intercepted because it is not a
>> communication, even if some b#*#*#*d sees it all.
>So,  maybe we should revive use of FTP for email? (see rfc475 and rfc751)
>[no,  not really a serious suggestion]
>Would the possibility of it being used for mail be sufficient to treat it as a communication?

Of course ftp's a communication (for the purposes of RIPA interception).

It may well not be caught by the Data Retention Directive, because that 
specifically mentions Internet email and telephony,
Roland Perry

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