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Sun Aug 12 10:34:54 BST 2012

In article <50277012.4070807 at iosis.co.uk>, Peter Tomlinson 
<pwt at iosis.co.uk> writes
>>> I still wish that we could easily and routinely be able to encrypt 
>>>email content. Then plod would have to ask for the keys.
>> PGP style of encryption or TLS?
>> And what do you count as "email" - there are very many non-port-25 
>>messaging systems these days (and that's part of plod's problem).
>I'm thinking of the USA program (www.nist.gov/nstic) to try to make the 
>internet safe by use of eID methods (now using the buzzwords 'Identity 
>Ecosystem'), although how far they have actually got in the last year 
>I'm not sure [1]. Securely and easily being able to pass information 
>between two parties should be a vital part of that. In Europe we have 
>been trying (somewhat fitfully) for 10 years to solve the eID problem.

That's more about e-commerce than e-mail, surely?
Roland Perry

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