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In article <9E957DE5-4E56-4A6D-A743-A6F665297E66 at batten.eu.org>, Ian 
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>> If the message is from Alice (known to be in the UK, and easily shown to be such) via Facebook to Bob (who happens to be in the UK) and
>>Others (outside the UK, and probably a bunch of villains) then if "they" intercept the message on its way to Facebook without warrant, they
>>have intercepted a message from Alice to Bob, which is not allowed. End of story AFAICS.
>That would depend on whether a point-to-multipoint message is deemed to be one message sent to a number of recipients, or a number of messages
>each sent to one message.

That's why this rather simple point needs clarifying in the legislation.

It's not a difficult technical concept, even if there might be complex 
policy issues involved.
Roland Perry

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